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We strive to make our online classified system as friendly and useful as possible. We encourage you to place your own free ad. In an effort to curtail "noise" (sensationalized advertising of little interest/benefit to our users) and other inappropriate content, these guidelines are strictly enforced.

If you wish to place a free ad, please read and agree to the Terms Of Service listed below:

  • Commercial advertising is prohibited (for free) - Please do NOT advertise any commercial endeavor. This means if you are representing any product or service from any company you cannot post a free ad. It is unfair to exploit our system for your commercial gain without remuneration. If you wish to post an ad promoting any sort of commercial product/service, Click here for instructions. There is a small fee for commercial or other restricted ads. Please help us cover our costs by purchasing an ad whenever possible, plus it has special distinctions on the site and sticks around longer.

    This also includes solicitation of others to help sell/represent commercial efforts, promoting commercial web sites, "work from home" offers, network marketing/MLM, telephone services & 900 numbers, charging for reports and other information - any venture you're engaged in which represents a business operation whether it's your primary vocation or a hobby.

  • Absolutely NO AFFILLIATE-related promotions! The above two items should have already covered this, but since some people seem to have reading comprehension issues, let us make this clear. Don't post any ad promoting a venture, which includes any venture of which you're an affilliate and [foolishly] think you're going to get some sort of commission (wise up people, these programs do not work, and we're not offering you free space so you can make money from referral.. NO NO NO!) Sorry to yell, but we run a scam-free service here.
    When people violate the terms, our users complain - it devalues our site and is unfair and unethical. Do NOT believe it if anyone tells you that you can post whatever ad you want on the Internet - each system has its own rules and a legal right to restrict content as they see appropriate - and can take civil/criminal action against those who violate the terms. When you post an ad on this site, you engage in a legal contract agreeing to these terms. People who violate our terms will have their ads immediately deleted and will be blacklisted from future participation.

  • Commercial advertising exceptions - Certain types of free commercial advertising is allowed: 401/Non-profit organizations (subject to approval), solicitation for salaried (NOT commission) employment, academic on-site tutorial services, real estate rentals/sales by owner. These exceptions are not granted if any affilliate/referral-type program is involved!

    Please, no "fuzzy" interpretations. Teaching someone to purchase no-money-down real estate or sell Avon products is NOT our idea of "academic tutorial services" or "employment opportunities"

  • Louisiana-related ads only - Do not post anything relating to a national product/service. If you are selling an item, you should be physically located in the state of Louisiana (or a bordering state offering specific products to locals in LA). However, if you are interested in information, rentals or other items relating to Louisiana but are from out of state, this is OK.

  • Regarding content - Please do not reference any item, substance or activity which is of questionable legality. Under any and all circumstances, we reserve the right to remove or edit ads at any time without notice. Any content published on this web site becomes the property of the entity producing the web site excepting any previously-established trademarks, service marks, copyrights and other legal acknowledgements in this area. The producers of this web site are free to republish or retransmit the information submitted in any form without restriction.

  • Indemnity - You agree to hold the producers of this web site and any related individuals/organizations harmless for any loss or damage claimed in any form arising from the operation of this web site or use of information herein. All content should be considered "AS IS" with no warranties of any kind. These advertisements are posted by individuals and organizations not affiliated with the producers/sponsors of this web site. This web site is classified as a "common carrier", and as such, its producers/sponsors are not responsible for ensuring the validity, decency or legality of any published material. Caveat Emptor

  • Ad deletion - We reserve the right to remove ads at any time from the system that we feel violate our terms or other users report. Additionally, ads may be deleted if they do not contain a contact phone number, or have inadequate or misleading information, are miscategorized, posted multiple-times, or without direct contact information.
Your use of this web site, specifically by posting an ad, constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Additionally, by posting an ad, you acknowledge that if your ad is deemed inappropriate and deleted by us, we may publish portions of your ad on our watch list including contact e-mail and IP address. Please think twice before posting a fraudulent ad. It will be deleted within minutes and your contact info will be indexed and identified as suspicious in search engines. It's not worth it. We reserve, at all times, the right to delete, republish or restrict access to our site, ads, posts, content or related sites under our control.

Sorry about all the legal mumbo-jumbo, but this is necessary to ensure that we can bring you the highest quality service. All we ask is that you respect our rules and enjoy the system!

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