Beware of cashier's check scams and other fraud - click here for details


There are scam artists which prowl Internet classified sites and respond to peoples' ads. They often send overpayment and are from outside the country, requesting the seller wire the difference to another party. They use fake bank and cashiers checks that ARE NOT VALID! Do NOT fall for this scam!

It should be obvious to most people that something is fishy when someone sends you overpayment and wants you to wire the money to another country. Nonetheless, some people are foolish enough to fall for this ridiculous scheme. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true or doesn't make sense, there's a 99.9% chance it probably isn't legitimate. Use your common sense and don't let your sense of greed or naivety cost you!

Remember, this is "Louisiana Classifieds". If you are contacted by anyone out of the United States, especially in countries like Nigeria, Liberia or elsewhere in Africa or South America, you are being set up.

If someone responds to your ad and asks you to go to another web site, or look at some video, it's a scam and likely a trick to get you to install a virus on your computer so the scammer can steal your identity and personal information!

If you wire any money to any party, consider it gone. The sellers request the use of Western Union because that company will not refund any money in the event you are scammed.
Never use Western Union to transfer money.

Multiple people have been contacted from African, European, or U.S. buyers involving a common scam. Most of these people are actually based in Nigeria, regardless of where they say they are located.

Scam Example:
Free pet, but you must pay shipping.
Your VW is for sale for $3000.
The buyer wants to have his friend, business partner, or employee send you $6000 because his friend or business partner owes him $3000.
You are supposed to cash his bank check for $6000 and then send the remaining $3000 to the buyer, usually by Western Union. DO NOT DO THIS! It is a scam. You deposit the check and then send the buyer the extra $3000. The bank check either bounces or was a forgery and you lose your $3000. They don't want your car, just the cash - it is never picked up.

Similar scams involve:
The buyer sends you the cost of your VW + the cost of shipping. Later, they says they have taken care of shipping and ask for you to refund the shipping cost. They keep your refund and the original bank check bounces.

Beware of anyone "representing a client".
Beware of anyone who communicates mainly through text messages
Beware of any buyers from outside the area and especially who claim to temporarily be outside the country.
Beware of anyone who does not ask you specific questions about your item.
Beware of ads that do not have an actual phone number (or always to voice mail), and only request e-mail contact.
Beware of anyone who speaks with you on the phone through a operator-assisted relay call (Normally used for deaf or mute people)

Why do they say they want to money sent by Western Union? Because this puts cash directly into the scammers hands immediately. And you can't get it back. Ever.

One basic method to follow is this:
If any deal requires you to send the buyer money, it is a scam.

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